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Hello there, old friends!

Wow, after {exactly} six months of silence, I’m back. Monday. With a post you won’t want to miss.

But today, I just popped back to say “hello!”

I’m not sure what one says after a prolonged absence. Especially one where I left without saying goodbye. 2012 was sure a trip: there was the wee baby, then the other wee baby,  then my nasty little bout with thyroid cancer, a few additional bumps in the road here and there, and then just like that it’s been half of a year since I’ve shared something here. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, however.

Actually, I have spent quite a great deal of time thinking about why I am drawn to a creative outlet such as this. I wonder if what I share makes a difference in the enormous and sometimes overwhelming World Wide Web. Every person, business and group seems to have a blog, seventeen social media accounts, and an Etsy store to boot. I can’t keep up with reading them sometimes, much less holding my own in terms of keeping up. Hats off to you, five-day-per-week bloggers, but I can’t swing that. I realized that I don’t really want or need to “hold my own” – I’m not selling anything, I still can’t figure out how to keep up with Twitter, and every day there is some new “it” app or site that everyone is creating an account for. Even so, I still wanted to contribute something useful. I guess the thought that I kept coming back to was this: while I don’t think I’m writing anything earth-shattering and I’m not angling for my own HGTV show, I still feel that I have something to share to give back to the internet community from which I have taken so much. I’m a blog-reading addict who syphons ideas from Pinterest, I haven’t purchased paper towel or toilet paper in a brick&mortar store in years, don’t even get me started with Zulily and I am kind of obsessed with Instagram. As you can see, the internet and I are good friends. I don’t want to just take, take, take.. every once in awhile I have something worth sharing!

You see, I have always been drawn to hearing real ideas, recipes and words from real people who tried them themselves. Cooking blogs over cookbooks; dialogue over directions; honest accounts over sales pitches. Some of our posts have really made a difference in people’s kitchens, home decor, and ability to sleep past 5am. More importantly, your comments sharing that these things have made a difference to you is what propels us forward!

See you Monday morning, bright and early!

 Last year at this time, Jess whipped up a roasted red pepper pestoHave you tried it yet? 

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

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