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Displaying Photos of Children’s Friends

Displaying Photos of Children’s Friends

Just a quick post today about how something very simple can make a little one’s day!

It is heart-warming to see my daughter build friendships and make little friends. She talks about them daily and wants to do the things that they do and like the things that they like. The child had yet to see Dora but frequently reported it to be her favorite because her friends named Natalie (there are two of them) both like Dora The Explorer. Thank goodness the Natalies aren’t into iPhones! The scheming side of me wonders if maybe the Natalies could tell her that potty training is the next big thing. Hmm…

I’ve been in clean, organize & purge mode as we prepare for spring and an early summer garage sale. As I came across our much-loved pile of holiday cards from last Christmas, I just about filed them away when Amelia carefully selected the cards from her “friends” and insisted that she keep them. I recalled a box hidden in storage that I had been meaning to go through — after removing the senior pictures (!!) of some close friends, I ‘upcycled’ our Christmas cards and these frames into a homes for photos of twelve friends from near and far.

There is really no need for ‘tutorial’ here – I just trimmed the photos to size and allowed Amelia to chose which spot each photo would live. We plan to update them as more current photos roll in!

She placed one on the table next to her rocker, and another on the bookshelf that she can see from her bed. She loves to point them out, and tell me stories about things she has done with her friends. Some of her friends she is lucky enough to see weekly, while others live a little further away. She just discovered that one of her very favorite friends will be moving away very soon (sniff, sniffle!). Hopefully seeing her smiling face from the bookshelf will ease the transition!

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